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3 Cut Tape

Tri-Cut Tape / 3 Cut Tape - Waterproof First Aid Tape Pre-cut to size: Pre-Cut First Aid Tape with a Plastic Spool. Convenient and ready to unroll an apply for binding bandages, splints and wounds. This First Aid Tape is water resistant so it will hang on when the going gets wet! Strong tape and adhesive make this a favorite with Responders and First Aiders. See all medical and first aid wraps and tapes

3 Cut Tape: Conveniently pre-cut into the most common widths necessary for binding injuries and bandages

  1. $3.92
    As low as: $2.74 Item/SKU:M660

    • Encased in a convenient plastic spool
    • Hard working and easy to use
    • Protects wounds and dressings from water penetration
    • The spooled design makes measuring, cutting and application easy
    • Even tearing is a cinch
    • Tri-Cut adhesive tape has three widths on one spool and is also waterproof
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