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Self Adherent Bandages

Self-Adhering Cohesive / Cling Bandage Wraps: Medi-Rip, and Dynarex Sensi-wrap, Self-Adherent Bandages are Medi Rip are 99% Cotton and Easy to Tear. Dynarex Sensi Wrap available in various colors. All self adhering bandage wraps and clings are ideal for many types of medical and first aid applications. Choose from these self adherent wraps that will secure, support and protect, while provide uniform compression. These bandage wraps cling to themselves but do not readily adhere to other materials, so they are commonly used as a secure wrap for limbs. While these are designed for Medical and first aid use on people, they are also commonly used as a wrap on the legs of pets and livestock because it will not stick to hair.

Self Adherent Bandages - cohesive bandages for emergency medical 1st aid purposes & veterinary use

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