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Body Warmers & Heat Packs

Hand, Pocket, Glove & Body Warmers / Heat Therapy: Air activated charcoal warmers are lightweight pouches contain a mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt, sawdust, and vermiculite. When exposed to the air, an oxidation process takes place that generates heat. Contents are biodegradable. Unopened, these warmers have a shelf life of three years. Related Items: Heat Wrap, Reusable Hot & Cold Packs NEW! Hot or Cold Pack? Learn When and How to use Heat Packs for Injuries & Frostbite!

Cold Temperatures occur year-round -
See our Severe Weather Emergency Kit & Cold Weather Gift Pack!

How air activated charcoal warmers work:

  1. Open outer package & remove the warmer
  2. Place warmers in pockets
  3. Enjoy the HEAT... It’s that Simple!

For hands, toes, gloves, body, feet, pockets,, gloves, etc.

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