Self Closing Elastic Ice Wrap

Ice Securing Wrap - For Hot or Cold Therapy as well as Compression! Why is this the coolest product for first aid treatment? Easy-to-use, velcro closure (no clips to get lost!) and think about it... you're already injured, do you really want to have to hold a cold compress or hot pack to the inured area for hours? No!

Everyone loves a One-Hit-Wonder but what about a One-Piece-Wonder? Our Cold Compress Securing Wrap allows you to make your application of a cold compress into just that, a one-piece-wonder. The slot within the wrap specifically designed to fit your cold compress allows you to apply the cooling agent to the injured area and secure it in place against your skin in one easy swoop. As it is one piece, you don't have to worry about the compress coming out of place or having to hold it still yourself. Plus, you won't have to fuss with finding the two separate pieces in your first aid kit as they can be stored together! Great for cold therapy for back, neck, should, etc., too! Read what our customers have to say in the customer reviews below. See all Hot & Cold Treatment Products

Ice Wraps for securing hot packs & cold compresses to injuries and aches. From Sports Injuries to Eye Lifts!

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Who needs an ice wrap?

Great for bumps, bruises, sports injuries, after surgery, and hot or cold therapy. Why doesn't everyone have these? Most heat and cold applications, from treating sciatica or other aches and pains to reducing swelling and bruising require compression and application of hot or cold for extended periods of time... why hold it?


Loved this when my hubby had his hand surgery, still able to do things (with other hand of course) like cooking, or little chores, and didn't have to be sitting while having this on! Your hand won’t freeze while holding the Ice pack!! I really liked them!
- Maggie S.

I had eye surgery and this held my cold pack to my head for hours on end saving me from having all the blood run out of my arms from holding up a cold compress for all that time. My Doctor asked me for the link to your website so he could recommend them to other patients!
- Judy C.

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