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Unitized Tools & Miscellaneous First Aid Items

Miscellaneous Unitized First Aid Tools & Supply Refill Boxes: Single Items and Unitized Refills for First Aid Kits - Those random items that are needed to make your first aid kit really useful. Most our First Aid Kits come with the essential items, but whether you want to customize a bulk or unitized first aid kit with additional items or are looking for replacements for these essential first aid supplies for an existing first aid kit, we gathered up some of our random first aid items here for your convenience. Also see Bandaging & First Aid Supplies

Unitized Miscellaneous First Aid Items - Finger Cots, Tweezers, Scissors, Space Blankets, First Aid Books, etc.

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  1. $2.05
    As low as: $1.50 Item/SKU:2820

    • Latex Free - Safeguard against latex allergies or sensitivity
    • Comes in rolls of 1" wide ×18" long for optimal elasticity
    • Patient appreciates the smooth comfort and ease when applied
    • Strong and superior elastic construction
    • Tear resistant for maximum performance
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  2. $3.49
    As low as: $2.44 Item/SKU:B502

  3. $5.24
    As low as: $3.81 Item/SKU:2823

    • Flexible Metal Wire Splint
    • Used as a support for fractures and other injuries.
    • Perfect for standalone first aid or as a refill for a kit.
    • Measures 27-inches length by 3-3/4-inches width.
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  6. $1.54
    As low as: $1.08 Item/SKU:FAE-6010

  7. $1.50
    As low as: $0.68 Item/SKU:URG-BK-48

    Complete First Aid Manual in a convenient pocket-sized quick-reference guidebook.

    • 52 Full Color Pages
    • Full Table of Contents
    • Includes Official "Stop the Bleed" information
    • Meets OSHA & newest ANSI First Aid Guidelines
    • Written, Published, and Printed in USA
    • Easy to Follow Steps with Charts & Tables
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  8. $9.48
    As low as: $6.64 Item/SKU:FAE-6018

  9. $10.40
    As low as: $7.28 Item/SKU:FAE-6102

    • SmartCompliance Refill keeps supplies organized and stocked with the SmartTab ezRefill system
    • Protect against germs and bodily fluids
    • One size fits most hands, either right or left
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  10. $4.43
    As low as: $3.10 Item/SKU:FAE-7015

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