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D.O.T./49 CFR Standards

DOT / CFR TITLE 49 STANDARDS: Being in any type of transportation business, it is very important to understand and follow all the guidelines set down by the Departments of Transportation (DOT) regarding any form of transportation and any type of transportation related security.This is what is referred to as CFR Title 49. Whether its running a general trucking business or transporting hazardous materials by any mode of transportation, there are specific federal guidelines that regulate these actions and must be followed. Our DOT DVDs/VHS for Federal Motor Carriers, 49 CFR Hazardous Material Regulations, DOT Compliance & Compliance Kits, will ensure that you are and will be kept well informed of these important and ever changing regulations. (also see DOT HAZMAT Safety Training)

Hazmat Regulations, Federal Motor Carrier Regulation Information, Tractor/Trailer Operation and more!

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