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Maritime OSHA Regulations

MARITIME OSHA SAFETY REGULATIONS: One of the main priorities of a Safety Professional, is the task of making sure your company is staying in compliance with OSHA workforce regulations. Staying up with these Code of Federal Regulations and OSHA Safety Regulations can be a tedious and time consuming task. If you and your company are part of the Maritime industry, our materials about Maritime OSHA regulations, will help keep you in compliance with the latest safety and health regulations affecting longshoring, shipyard employment, and marine terminals. Our OSHA Maritimes Regulations Books and CD-ROMS take the difficulty out of reading and using government regulations while our Update Services enable you to receive new and updated material periodically which takes out the hassle and worrying of staying in compliance with federal regulations. Your priorities should be protecting your workforce, not having to decipher complicated federal code jargon!

Maritime Regulation Books & CD's, Three and Five Year Update Services, Up to Date Regulation Compliance...

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