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OSHA Safety Training

OSHA Safety Training & DOT, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Forklift, Construction & HAZMAT: From OSHA Safety Series Training and Federal Title 29 CFR to Forklift Safety, to Petrochemical and Maritime OSHA Compliance, we have Books, Manuals, CDs, DVDs, Videos, Training Materials, Safety Kits, Forms, Safety Posters & much more to make sure that your are compliant with not only the Department of Labor and Department of Transportation rules and regulations but also keeping you properly informed about how to properly protect your workforce on a day-to-day basis. Whether its a construction site, hauling hazardous waste or working as a longshoreman, there are specific federal rules and regulations that need to be followed and kept up-to-date with. We are here to make sure that you have available the most most up-to-date, thorough, yet easy to understand material and information on the ever-changing codes of the CFR.

Books, DVDs, Update Services on DOT/49 CFR Standards, Petrochemical and Maritime Regulations, Cal/OSHA Safety Regulations, 1910 and 1926 Parts and much more!

  1. $1.80

    • Full coverage wrap-around face shields are made from polyethylene terephthalate plastic and are designed to prevent exposure to liquid splash, spit, chemicals, and sneeze droplets. Waterproof, latex-free, and dust resistant, the Face Shields offer high quality, 180 degree protection in home, dental, educational, and commercial settings. Face Shields meet the ANSI z87.1 standard.
    • With an elastic band and foam sponge headband, the Face Shield conforms to your head, so that it is lightweight and easy to wear.
    • The Face Shield’s high-grade plastic is easy to see through and optically clear. With the Anti-Fog coating, you can experience maximum visibility without distortion.
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  2. $3.50

    • REUSABLE: The visor can be used for several times.
    • TRANSPARENT: Use high-quality materials to make the shield clear to 99%. PS: Please remove the protective film before use.
    • SMART DESIGN: The raised design on the nasal bridge part holds shield away from the face, allowing room for most glasses.
    • PROTECTIVE: Wrap-around face shield covers your face maximally by covering area from top of the eyebrow to chin.
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  3. $4.75

    • FDA Approved
    • PP non-woven fabric (1st layer)
    • Melt-blown filter cloth (2nd layer)
    • Superfine soft fiber (antibacterial Nonwoven fabric, 3rd layer)
    • Moldable nose clip
    • Latex-free ear loop
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  4. $4.50
    As low as: $3.15 Item/SKU:AW-50

    • Fluid-resistant, Pleated
    • 100% Fiberglass free
    • 3 PLY Non woven material
    • Latex Free
    • Disposable Procedural / Surgical Mask - Breathable Antiviral Face Mask.
    • Pliable nose piece for proper fit across nose & cheekbones.
    • 1 Box of 50 Masks
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  5. $14.95
    As low as: $13.95 Item/SKU:KN9501

    • Effective against: Pollen, Bacteria, Dust, and Droplets
    • KN95 Certified
    • Comfortable, Light-Weight Respirator with Earloops and Adjustable Nose-piece
    • Filtration: BFE >95%
    • FDA Approved
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  6. $4.85
    As low as: $3.99 Item/SKU:BK-50

    • PP non-woven fabric (1st layer)
    • Melt-blown filter cloth (2nd layer)
    • Superfine soft fiber (antibacterial Nonwoven fabric, 3rd layer)
    • Moldable nose clip
    • Latex-free ear loop
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