ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standard Minimum Requirements  Workplace First Aid Kits and Supplies - Buy new ANSI Kits
ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standard Minimum Requirements Workplace First Aid Kits and Supplies - Buy new ANSI Kits

Are you loving your First Aid Cabinet? We hope so!
Did you know when you ordered, your first aid cabinet met or exceeded full ANSI & OSHA requirements for General Workplace environments?

Your 3 shelf cabinet must meet or exceed both OSHA requirements and ANSI’s Class A standards, as our current cabinets and the fill content below do.

Now it is up to you to keep it stocked and ready! We make the upkeep easy and affordable. We carry all of the individual items to replenish your cabinet. These can be found in the links below. We are also, as always, very pleased to assist you with your order Toll Free (800) 933-8495.

NEW: If you would like to print the list or save an electronic copy in your files, we have a convenient pdf here - you can take it with you to check off content at your cabinet – it is interactive, too – you can open it up and click on an item any time to go straight online to order.

If you have any questions or would like to place your order by phone, please call our Toll Free (800) 933-8495 and speak with one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives.

(Note: These cabinets meet the ANSI Class A guidelines for “General Workplace” requirements. If you have a more complex or high-risk environment, such as a shop or warehouse, you may want to consider upgrading to a ANSI Class B cabinet content fill with a broader range and quantity of supplies to deal with more serious injuries.)

Thank you for your continued business! Have a Safe Day!™

Item# Description QTY Item# Description QTY
URG-BK-48 First Aid Guide Book 1 2198 Gauze Pads - Sterile 2" x 2" 25/bx 1
M660 White Adhesive Tri-Cut First Aid Tape 1 1800033 Tongue Depressor / Blades 6" x 3/4" - Sterile, each 6
M584 Tweezers (plastic) 1 URG-2202 Medical Exam Gloves - 2 Pair 3
2021 Woven Knuckle Adhesive Bandage 40/bx 1 2261 Triple Antibiotic Ointment - Single .5gm Application 10/bx 1
2023 Woven Fingertip Adhesive Bandage 40/bx 1 M526 Triangular Bandage 40" x 40" x 56" (bagged) 1
2039 Triangular Bandage 40" x 40" x 56" (boxed) 1 3132 Gauze Roller Bandage Wrap 2" x 4.1 yd. 2
M270 Blood Stopper Pressure Bandage - 1 Each 1 J224-E Gauze Roller Bandage Wrap 3" x 4.1 yd. 2
M701/KC Eye Wash 4 oz. (120 ml.) 1 2513 First Aid Antiseptic - Pump Spray 2 oz. 1
2072 1" x 3" Plastic Adhesive Bandage Strips 50/bx 1 2518 Burn Relief / Treatment - Pump Spray 2 oz. 1
2106 Cherry Cough Drops 125/bx 1 2541 ABD Combine Pad - Sterile 5" x 9" 2
80548 Aspirin Tablets 250/bx 1 M582 Wire Handle Scissors 4.5" 1
80248 Antacid Tablets 250/bx 1 2555 Extra Strength Non-Aspirin 100/bx 1
2163 1" x 3" Plastic Adhesive Bandage Strips 100/bx 2 3189 Self-Adherent Wrap 3" x 5 yd. 1
2170 1" x 3" Heavy Woven Adhesive Bandage 50/bx 1 3469 4" x 4" Burn Dressing (gel soaked) 1
M564-E Instant Cold Pack 6" x 9" (boxed) 1 M5042 CPR Mouth Barrier with One Way Valve 1
2176 Alcohol Wipes 100/bx 1 2362 Hand Sanitizer .9 gm. 10/bx 1
2196 Gauze Pads - Sterile 3" x 3" 25/bx 1      

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