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Be prepared for an Especially Buggy Spring

Spring Sprang, Summer's Comin' - as the weather becomes warmer, it comes at the cost of Insects Buggin'.
Watch out for more bugs this Spring - appearing in the garden, yard, and patio. Just like us, the bugs will simply love this warm weather, and it's going to set the stage for the mosquito-swatting season. GET READY!

Warm temperatures will mean better survival rates for bugs that are not cold-hearty. Also, as bug populations are expected to be larger this Spring, the warm weather is likely to bring them out and keep them around. Mosquitoes and ticks are going to eat us all alive this Spring - Bust out the bug repellant! Get Bug Ready with our great solutions below or read more about this buggy season coming up!

Because of the rain we've had, there is an abundance of food out there. Insects are famously reproductive; they lay a ton of eggs, so if there is food available, they will get to work, said Michael Wall, curator of entomology at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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